The Power Squeegee – PS200 is designed for via hole fill on high aspect ratio boards. This hand tool is especially for prototype boards with limited plugging areas like BGA’s or similar and process evaluation.


The paste is stored inside this tool and is pressed through the holes of the PCB’s with compressed air, which is controlled by a foot switch. You simply control the compressed air as you slowly fill the holes. This is a "one step" process and there is no risk of getting air bubbles inside the holes. When you are finished, the Power Squeegee PS200 is stored according to the manufacture’s recommendation.

LengthApprox. 110 mm
MaterialStainless Steel
Paste CapacityApprox. 200grams
Diameter65 mm
WeightApprox. 1,2 kg (incl. Paste.)
Set includesPS200, Foot Switch, Controller for compressed air, and Connectors

Some of the recommended types of paste:

  • DuPont, CB100 – Conductive Silver Paste
  • Tatsuta, AE1190 – Conductive Copper Paste
  • Peters, PP2795 – Non-Conductive Epoxy Paste
  • San-EI, PHP900 – Non-Conductive Epoxy Paste
  • Taiyo, THP100DXI – Non-Conductive Epoxy Paste


  • No clean up or change from the paste to storage containers
  • Using up to 75 PSI of pressure to push the paste through very high Aspect Ratio Boards
  • No direct contact between the compressed air and the paste