Double Chamber Plugging Machine - THP 35

Double Chamber
Plugging Machines
THP 32 and THP 35 ®

Plugging Machines for
Through and Blind Holes
THP 32 and THP 35 Series

Fill Blind Vias and Through Holes in one step. No change of Filing Head needed.


Double Chamber
Plugging Machines
THP 10 ®

Plugging Machines for
Through Holes
THP 10 Series

Our THP 10 can fill panel with very high Aspect Ratio up to 40:1 Many times sold and good in price.


Selective Plugging Machine VFS 100 ®

Files through holes with conductive or non-conductive Paste.


Power Squeegee PS 200 ®

The Power Squeegee – PS200 is designed for via hole fill on high Aspect Ratio boards. This hand tool is especially for prototype boards with limited plugging areas like BGA’s or similar and process evaluation.