Filling and cleaning are done in only one single chamber-Through Holes and Blind Holes on both sides in one step

Included with the machine are:

  • User controlled paste pressure for the filling process
  • Filling of blind and through holes possible
  • Full air-conditioned filling chamber
  • Uses our patented filling head design
  • Unique quick exchange system for very fast filling head change
  • User-friendly programming with programmable parameters for all plugging parameters
  • Real time paste level and consumption
  • The machine is designed as a single chamber for vertical operation in order to save valuable floor space
  • Less handling as squeegees for cleaning cycle are included in the same chamber
  • De-Taping clamp included
  • Machine fully made in stainless steel
Panel thickness0.4 - 15.0 mm (0.016” – 0.59”)
Min. Hole size0.1 mm (0.004")
Max. Hole sizeAR 1:1 (but not more than 2 mm)
Apsect RatioMax. Aspect ratio 40:1