Technical Specifications
Dimensions1.415mm (55“) * 1.200 mm (47”) * 1.200mm (47”) (L * B* H)
1.705mm (67“) * 1.200 mm (47”) * 1.200mm (47”) (L * B* H)
Working Height940 mm ± 50 mm (37“± 2”)
Max. Capacity45 Panels
Max. Panel Size610 mm * 610 mm (24“ * 24“)
Panel Thickness0,5 mm – 6 mm (0.02” – .0.236”)
ElectricityAC 400 V, 3 Phases, 50 Hz, 5 KVA (EU)
AC 480 V, 3 Phase 60Hz 5KVA (USA)
(other voltages by request)

Loader- / Unloader for loading or unloading of printed circuit boards.

Product description:

The SLU 90 Stacker is a high-quality piece of handling equipment for loading or unloading of printed circuit boards from or into a conveyorized line. The special steel profiles with extra-long arms allow you to handle small as well as large PCB’s in different thicknesses. A plastic coating on the steel profiles ensure a secure transportation of the panels. The SLU 90 operates with a user-friendly Siemens Operation Panel. A powerful 110Nm frequency controlled motor is used to rotate the profiles.
The frame consists of an aluminum alloy which reduces the machine weight and provides a nice easy to clean surface. A motorized conveyor transports the panel from/to the previous/next.


  • Conveyor length 360 mm
  • Conveyor length 650 mm