Solder Mask Spray Coating System SC 150 ®

Technical Specifications
Machine footprintL= 3.050 mm (120”)
W= 1.000 mm (39 1/4”)
H = 2.165mm (85 3/4”)
Max. Panel Size (H * W)1.016 * 610 mm (40” * 24”)
Max. Panel Thickness8 mm (0.320")
Compressed air90 PSI - 6 Bar
ElectricityAC 400 V 3 PHASE, 50 HZ 5 KVA (EU)
AC 480 V 3 PHASE, 60 HZ 5 KVA (USA)
(other Voltages by request)
PLCSiemens S7/1200 with Siemens Touch Screen Control Panel

Double Side Manual Spray Coater for Solder Mask. Full stainless-steel design with quick exchange cleaning panels.


The panels are loaded by the operator with the aid of a transport clamp. The transport system transfers the board into the spray chamber. The automatic door closes and the spray gun start to coat the panel from one side to the other side by moving up and down the spray gun. The panel is moved along the spray gun with a preset speed from about 20”/Min (500mm/Min). After the first side is fully coated, the panel will be turned around and the second side will be coated. After the coating cycle is completed the automatic door opens and the panel comes out of the coating chamber. The operator can pick up the panel with the clamp handle and put the panel into a special rack ready for the drying oven.

Control System

Siemens PLC S7/1200 with Siemens Touch Screen Control panel. Easy to program and store all necessary production parameters. In manual mode, each single movement can be performed for maintenance and control reasons. Alarms with alarm description will be given in the case of a malfunction.